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Pest Control Company in Beaverton, Oregon

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Halt Pest Control Inc., a pest control company in Beaverton, Oregon, offers reliable extermination services to clients. Find out more about the pest control services we offer by contacting us today.

The Pest Control Company
Halt Pest Control Inc. has been servicing the Portland area for more than 20 years as the most ecological pest control company utilizing the most state-of-the-art treatments in the area. We use fewer materials that are more effective and leave no odor or fumes.


Pest Control Services
Whether you are looking for residential pest control to protect your home and family or commercial pest control to deal with a mouse or rodent issue, Halt Pest Control, Inc. works with you to provide the right pest control solution for your specific needs. We can exterminate anything from household pests, multi-family housing pest control, to helping one of your residents to eliminate a cockroach problem.

Using green pest control practices that include monitoring devices, baits, and other low impact but highly effective methods, our approach to delivering solutions is based on the Integrated Pest Management, or IPM. So rather than simply provide a spot treatment, we look at the larger picture.


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